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What is VoLTE?

  What is VoLTE?   VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) is the next stage in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, which enables you to make traditional voice calls over an internet connection.    What do you need to know about VoLTE?   In short, VoLTE allows you to make traditional voice calls over a wireless LTE 4G internet network which transmit data.  No traditional landline needed. However, users do not need a  specialised  app with calling capabilities. This makes it different from apps that use your normal data connection. VoLTE calls can be made only between people who are provisioned for the service within an area with a 4G LTE internet connection. To whom will this product be valuable?  ·                   Partners ·                 Network Vendors      Small Businesses ·                 OEM ·                   Consumers      ·                 Operators What are the benefits of VoLTE?                 VoLTE uses a 4G LTE connection. 
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DSL vs Fibre - What is the best solution?

  DSL vs Fibre - What is the best solution? DSL vs Fibre You have most likely come across different networks while shopping for an internet solution for your home or business.  The most common internet connections are Fibre Optic, DSL, Satellite, Wireless or the new trend Fixed LTE.   Each network type is different in the way they transfer data, and each offer their own unique advantages. What is the best solution between DSL and Fibre Optic? As all networks, these connections also highlight pros and cons.  What is DSL?   A Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is an internet connection delivered via a telephone line.  Telephone Lines are mostly made out of copper. In short, DSL transmit data using electricity over copper cable and can be affected by electromagnetic interference which can weaken the signal. Did you know you get different types of DSL? Most definitely, but not all the types of DSL ae used in every country.    What types are there? R-ADSL – Rate Adaptive Digita

What is Fixed LTE?

What is Fixed LTE? Fixed LTE stand for Fixed Long Term Evolution and is a 4G wireless broadband standard. Fixed LTE offers higher bandwith, meaning better connection speeds, multimedia streaming, online gaming, video streaming etc. you will however need a compatible router for this service to work.  Not all the devices are compatible with the networks.  Some manufacturers fail to live up to the expectations when supplying the hardware.  Therefore, before buying the hardware, ask your service provider for the which hardware is compatible with the network and package you sign up for. For the best experience you will also need a service provider that has a solid coverage in the area you will be using the service. Conclusion Fixed broadband is a high speed internet connection in your home or office.  The service is delivered through the provider's network cables.  It connects to a router, which you can then connect to all your devices through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable. The